Bifrost buys community centre

By harald

The Asatru fellowship Bifrost has bought the former Fagerhøi Humanist Centre in Søre Osen by lake Osen in Trysil, Norway! The place is originally an old school from the 1920s, a former camp site and a cultural centre. Today it contains about 50 beds, a dining room, a great hall, a large kitchen and 2 hectares of woodland. The property was acquired by the new corporation Odrører AS, which consists of the Asatru fellowship Bifrost and seven private investors.

In addition to being a community centre and meeting place for Bifrost, the property will also be available for rent to others. We want it to be an arena for creative deployment, for cultural, historical and spiritual activity even outside of Bifrost. In the long term, accommodation capacity will be expanded, and of course we will also start developing the site in a fashion suitable for a modern, Heathen centre, with ritual spaces, horgs (sacred groves) and artistic installations. We are very much looking forward to putting the place to use!


Idavoll 1

Idavoll 6

All photos by May-Britt Bjørlo Henriksen

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